Anthony is RPed by Surfer.


Full Name Anthony Thayer Botticelli
Nickname Anthony
Birthday May 13
Nationality Italian
Relationship Status Single
Sexuality Bisexual

Species Wizard
Blood Status Half-Blood
Wand Core ???
Wand Wood ???
Wand Arm Left-handed
Boggart Mockery/Disturbed Patterns
Patronus Swan

Model Joshua Rush
Gender Male
Height 4'10"
Weight 75 pounds
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Skin Colour Tan


Lorenzo Botticelli was born in Sicily to two poor parents. They were great people, mind you, working every minute to support their four children, Lorenzo being the youngest. However, when Lorenzo was just twelve years old, his parents died six months apart, his father in a tragic accident and his mother by heart attack, leaving the four children to fend for themselves. Lorenzo's oldest brother, Luca, got a job to support the family for a while (his two sisters were too young at that point to get jobs of their own), but it wasn't working out. Tensions began to build between Luca and the older of the two girls, Camilla. Finally, the fighting reached a head, and Camilla left for mainland Italy on her own, taking the family's money reserve with them. Luca, Lorenzo, and their sister Sofia were left alone. But that didn't last long either, as Sofia left soon afterwards at the age of sixteen. Lorenzo was fourteen now, Luca twenty. The two brothers stayed alone for a few months, but eventually talked about it and decided to follow their sisters. They lived in Rome for a while, until Luca died of the flu due to their lack of money for proper health care. Lorenzo, now only seventeen, was completely alone.

Lorenzo eventually found work at a factory in Florence. The owner of the factory took a liking to him due to his intelligence, and took him under his wing. He tutored him, and eventually paid for him to go to an American university. It was there that Lorenzo took a liking to American culture. At university, Lorenzo met another Italian woman named Anna. He was instantly in love. What he didn't know is that she was a witch.

The two married and moved back to Italy. Anna told Lorenzo she was a witch, but Lorenzo didn't care. He was madly in love with her. They had a child--a boy. Lorenzo wanted to give him an American name, but Anna won out with her traditional Italian name: Anthony. Anthony did get an American middle name--Thayer.

But not every marriage is happy. Lorenzo and Anna began to fight a lot. Anna drank too much, and Lorenzo was forced to pick up the pieces. Despite her being a wizard, there was a history of alcoholism in Anna's family, and she was susceptible to it. Finally, during one of her drinking incidents, Anna left. Lorenzo expected her to come back, but she didn't. Anthony was three.

So Anthony grew up with a Muggle background. He went to Muggle school, where he was part of the nerdy clique. They were picked on a lot, and it made him upset. But he had his friends, so he was content. One time, however, when he was eight, he had had enough. His friend was being bullied outside, and Anthony yelled at the bullies to stop. The bullies turned their attention towards Antony, who ran. They chased him for a while, until Anthony tripped. They grabbed him and roughed him up a bit. However, as they were walking away, something happened. Suddenly, the main bully's pants fell down and he tripped. His friends laughed, but soon they found their own pants falling down. One by one, they panicked. Each time they tried to pull them up, they fell down again. Some kids from the grade above Anthony watched the whole situation unfold, and were laughing. Embarrassed, they ran off. The older kids pinned it on Anthony undoing their belts while he was getting beat up and praised him for his hilarious prank. What they didn't know was that that incident was Anthony's first sign of magic.

Anthony is a somewhat quiet boy. He's not quiet to the point where he's anti-social, but he can be a bit awkward and silent in social situations he finds frightening. This has everything to do with his OCD, which makes him constantly worry about how other people perceive him. He works on his appearance for a long time each morning--not out of vanity, but out of hope that people won't think he looks weird. His desire is to attract as little negative attention to himself as possible.

His OCD is prevalent in many other aspects of his life, too. He is constantly looking for patterns, whether it be through the way he walks, the way he touches things, or simply patterns on a strip of wallpaper or carpeting. He appreciates balance, and gets stressed out when balance is not achieved. If a painting is crooked, it's on his mind until the painting is fixed. If a pattern is broken, he spends all his mental energy devising ways to fix it. He's not your stereotypical "clean and organized" OCD boy, though. His room is as messy as any other pre-teen boy's. However, he considers his messes "controlled chaos," in that there's a system to it. His clothes may be rolled up in a ball on the floor, but they're always in one place. He may just stuff his school papers inside his textbooks, but his history homework is always stuffed in his history textbook, and his science is always inside his science book. There's only so much OCD can do for someone's organizational habits.

Because of all this, Anthony is humble. He doesn't like to attract attention to himself, for fear of judging, but still enjoys to participate in conversations with other people. He talks to adults a bit more than children, but still talks to both regularly. He is neither noble nor sneaky. He's sort of like the sidekick that doesn't get much credit. However, he doesn't mind that; putting the spotlight on him would not be a good thing.

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  • Lorenzo Botticelli - Father
  • Anna Botticelli - Mother (left)

Currently no friends.

No enemies.

Too young

  • Anthony is from Italy
  • Anthony is OCD


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