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The office of the Animagi Trainer. For those with allergies, phobias or a good explanation, this is the place to meet Professor Sarah Norman away from the Gamekeeper's Hut. Threep, the Pygmy Puff, is the only member of the menagerie who visits regularly. Of course, those not inclined to animals, shouldn't really be involved in her Animagi studies, but if students are interested purely in the technical side of the course, she'll provide materials happily. She has uncluttered her office space, on the grounds that she doesn't know what shape, or size, her visitors might be. It does, of course, double for her Wandlore duties, with which an aversion to animals would be less incompatible.

As a relatively clean and clear space, its status may change with the coming of Juliya's brood. Sarah is humming happily as she makes preparations.

Her essential philosophy can be found here.

Gallery (posters on the walls)

This comprises a de facto wishlist of creatures Sarah thinks she'd like to share the Hut with, although even for her the Deinosuchus is a stretch.


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For now, please go to the Head of Gryffindor's Office when seeking Sarah within the castle walls.


The way Sarah looks at teaching.
SlamNation Taylor Mali - "What Teachers Make"

SlamNation Taylor Mali - "What Teachers Make"

How Sarah looks at teaching