Amethyst Malva Violetts


Paige Amethyst
House: Slytherin

Age: 15

Year: 5th year

Ancestry: Pure-blood

Wand: Fir with Unicorn Hair

Wand Arm: Right


Myst projects an aura of touch-me-or-else and because of her rebellious image in school, bullies never came near her. Her projected school image made her look a real toughie and because of her ancestry, she always carries herself with a rebellious grace. Also due to her being descended from old wizarding families, she has the tendency to be very manipulative and cunning.

Though she might look like really tough, she cares for her friends and she doesn't care who they are as long as they're true. Her want to project an aura of toughness and radicalism also affects the projection of her feelings. If she deemed that something is not tough-enough like having a crush on someone, she'll never admit it.


Amethyst Malva Violetts was born to Letizia and Arcane Violetts, wizards from old wizarding families. Her parents were very proud of their ancestry making them both of a racist sometimes, a trait which Myst found very annoying at times. She was raised in a villa, provided with everything she wants adn she needs. Since her parents were not very much open to muggle stuff, she doesn't know much about muggles and she find them as very curious specimen.

When she reached 8, her parents were already hiring private tutors to prepare her for Hogwarts life as soon as possible but possessing a stubborn personality, she made her tutors surrender to her schemes and wants. Her parents gave up on educating her early and called her the first Violett "simpleton". The words etched itself to her mind and since then, she wanted to prove her parents wrong. She didn't felt close to them anymore.

When she reached 11, she went aboard the Hogwarts Express with her parents telling her that she should be proud of her being Violett as a compensation for her being a simpleton. She rolled her eyes when she turned her back and she accidentally bumped into a girl, Ophelia Chains, who became her bestfriend despite the difference in their houses.