Birthday November 22, 1995
Age 40
Status Alive
Pronunciation -
Family Artemisia Kingsley
Sacha Kingsley
Logan Kingsley
Alastríona Kingsley
Leo Kingsley
Dom Kingsley
Percy Kingsley
Maya Kingsley
Adaline Kingsley
Handedness Right
Gender Male
Orientation Heterosexual
Relationship Single
Nationality English
Speaks English
Species Wizard
Blood Status Half-Blood
Eye Color Light Brown
Hair Color Blue
Height 6'2
Model Chris Pine

His faceclaim is currently Chris Pine.
Ambrose Kingsley is the first of Matthew and Penelope Kingsleys. They were potioneers, both highly-esteemed in their careers given their later expansion into their line of cauldrons and artifacts necessary for even the most basic of potions. They amount of money they generated was enough to provide their five children with everything they needed, and then some. Ambrose and his siblings were raised in a home where love was in abundance. Things were supposed to run smoothly in his life. After all, how could a family who loved so fiercely be forced to endure so much heartache?

The Kingsleys were cursed long ago, back in the era where Hogwarts' founders were still alive. The causes are long since forgotten, but it's alleged that it occurred in the face of heartbreak. For each generation of Kingsleys, one of them would always fall off the wagon and bring misery and shame to their family. Back then, curses were fairly common, yet nobody really expected it to be successful, let alone linger to this very day, centuries later. Nowadays, this curse is known as the Serpents' Curse. Without failing, each Kingsley to fall on the wrong side of the law has always wound up commanding the Serpents - the infamous wizarding gang composed of some of the most sadistic minds.

Ambrose grew up skeptical of the curse. How is it it was still affecting his family? He hadn't seen it in his father or his grandfather. It was because of that skepticism that he grew up comfortable with his life and with an honest love for his siblings. They were all... innocent. Incorruptible. He'd always defend them and love them; no "curse" could ever come between them. Oh how wrong he was. Honestly, maybe he should have expected it. Artemisia had never been like any other girls her age. Where they wanted to be princesses, she wanted to be a knight. Where girls wanted dolls, she wanted nerf guns. Where girls wanted dresses, she wanted leather jackets and ripped jeans. It wasn't until he was older that he realized why his father was so adamantly against this.

Ambrose began attending Hogwarts School at 11 years old, like all of his family. His first signs of magic had been very mundane, stopping his mother's coffee mug from falling and breaking, but his skills with magic went beyond that. He thrived at Hogwarts for the first five years of his schooling, surpassing all the expectations his professors had had of him. He was the kind of guy every girl wanted; he was the Gryffindor quidditch captain, a beater, he was ripped, he had the brains, and he was a very charismatic guy. Girls wanted him and boys envied him. And that certainly didn't change when his parents transferred him into Ilvermorny. He wasn't aware of the reasons back then, but looking back now, it was so painfully obvious. They were trying to escape the curse. Artemisia had been getting close with her disowned aunt, exchanging letters with her and sharing thoughts of potentially running away.

Upon arrival at Ilvermorny, the statue of Wampus lit up for him. He was elated; it was the house of warriors. He knew he'd do well there, and he sure as hell wasn't wrong. He played the American version of quidditch that year, and was unsurprisingly good at it. Unfortunately, he wasn't captain either of those two years, but in his seventh, he was the Male Speaker, and that in itself felt very rewarding. He arrived with just his family and an undying passion for quidditch, but when he graduated Ilvermorny, he graduated with a sense of belonging, a girlfriend, a wild group of friends, and the dream to become an auror. Following his graduation, things began to look up for Ambrose. He became an auror in training at 18 years old, married his Ivermorny sweetheart at 19, had his first child at 20, and became a hit wizard at 27. He was growing, thriving under the leadership of the MACUSA.

Ambrose Kingsley wanted to raise his family in the United States, and the idea was reinforced when he discovered the truth; Artemisia had forsaken their family, returning to Great Britain and associating herself with their long lost aunt. She'd turned to drugs, to violence, to alcohol, to fill the void of cutting ties with her family. Honestly, Ambrose would always love her and would always try to get her to see reason, but little by little, he began to realize he would never succeed. One of his other brothers, Logan, had followed a similar path, except he didn't turn to violence or the Serpents - he'd kept to drugs and alcohol. Even Ambrose knew Logan would see reason one day. But Artemisia... it was impossible. So he resorted to visiting her just once a year, alone, keeping his children back home with his wife. Regardless of what had happened, she was his sister and he would always love her.

Ambrose was one of the best Hit Wizards to ever work for MACUSA. He closed case after case, led raid after raid, and the crime rate had decreased exponentially in the wizarding streets. It's why it came to nobody's surprise when he was promoted to Head Auror at the age of 33. He was deserving of it, and brought honor to the position. He continued to work there for the next seven years, raising his children with his wife and continuously bringing a good name to MACUSA, until his wife's sudden demise. It was unexpected and it had thrown all of the Kingsleys for a loop. How did it happen? Why did it happen? Ambrose had been shocked to his core, and not in the good way. His wife - the love of his life - had died. The woman to whom he'd been married for 21 years. Her death had broken him, and he didn't know how to put the pieces back together.

It wasn't long for Ambrose to set the papers for a transfer. He couldn't bear to live in America, knowing the one person that had kept him there had been his beautiful wife. Everywhere he looked, in every corner of his house, he only saw her. It was only adding salt to the wounds, the constant reminder that he was now a widow. MACUSA was sad to see him go, as was Ilvermorny upset to see his prodigal children go, but in the end, all parties involved knew it was for the best. Maybe he'd be able to mend his relationship with the rest of his family now. With the transfer approved, he and his family began the house-hunting process. They wanted a home big enough to fit them all, and then some. It was in the middle of it that he received a call. An offer to be the new Head of DMLE, should the interview go right. And, well, who was Ambrose to say no? This was the chance for a fresh start. One that all of them needed really, really badly.
He doesn't know what to make of himself from a personal point of view. Now that he's on his own with his children, without the never-ending support of his wife, he needs to get a real grip on things. The thing is, he's always relied on the help of others to get things done. He's out of his comfort zone now, and while he knows he'll persevere, he's scared he won't do a good job. So he's focusing on perfecting what he's already good at, while slowly but surely trying to adjust himself to these changes in his life. He's pouring himself into all he does, trying to distract himself from his own loss. So far, he has to admit, it's working. He's warm and kind and worries over everyone he's close to and everyone he's not. He knows when to put distance between himself and others, but he doesn't like doing that - he prefers facing problems head on. He prefers resolving things and getting to the bottom of things. While what's unknown attracts him, Ambrose wants to know if something is wrong and he wants to know how to fix it. He's just as into knowing than he is into not knowing.

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