aline selwyn

fourth year, ravenclaw

- basics
RPer kibethastarael
Age 15
Birthday november 20th
Accent posh english
Orientations bisexual, heteroromantic
Gender female (cis)
Location common room
Languages english, japanese
MBTI enfp-a
- physical
Hair black
Eyes dark brown
Ethnicity caucasian, east asian (japanese)
Model kiko mizuhara
Height 5'5"
- magical
Blood Status half-blood pure-blood
Species witch, human
Wand hawthorn, phoenix feather, 8 1/2"
Wand Arm right
Amortentia vanilla, rose petals, lipstick
Patronus zebra
Boggart slugs
- affiliation
Nationality british, japanese
Schooling hogwarts
House ravenclaw
Year 4th


From a family whose blood was so pure they'd been included in the Sacred 28, Julius Selwyn had no reason or intention to sink to even looking at a muggleborn witch, and for 25 years of his life he didn't. Until, that was, he met the Japanese witch Hakumo Kagome.

Their relationship was unexpected, to say the least, but with Julius capable of causing serious damage to the family name his parents made the decision to refrain from disinheriting him with two conditions: Hakumo had to pretend to be pure-blooded, and she had to sign a prenuptial agreement. Both agreed to this, though Hakumo was a little concerned in regards to the prenup, and they were married a few months later, when she became pregnant.

10 years and seven children later, Aline Giselle Selwyn made her way into the world. Her first few years were uneventful, but shortly after her fifth birthday, Julius got home early from his high-up ministry job to find his wife in bed with a man he'd never even met. The divorce was filed as soon as he could get it.

The prenuptial agreement saved the Selwyns' family fortune, but there was no such barrier to save Hakumo's reputation. The only thing that stopped her ex-husband from declaring her real blood status was his love of their children. Oh, and his regard for his family reputation.

Aline's first sign of magic occurred when she was six years old and began chatting away to a grass snake in the garden, observed by a bemused older brother. Like almost every one of her older siblings, Aline was always a precocious child, but with this new revelation her father started putting even more pressure on her to be great.

Always eager to please, Aline tried her very best until she began Hogwarts. But then, after beginning contact with her mother (against her father's wishes), she gradually lost interest until she was only putting in enough effort to scrape a pass. She stopped doing homework almost completely, and became a veteran of all-nighters whenever she couldn't skip an assignment. Whenever one of her extremely successful older siblings, her father or one of her professors tried to push her towards "fulfilling her potential", the more she completely and utterly refused.

Now in her fourth year, the majority of her classmates have come to the conclusion that the sorting hat made a serious mistake in sorting Aline into Ravenclaw. Even she seems to believe it.


+ intelligent, charming
- aloof, lazy, judgmental

Aline is best described as the epitome of underestimated. While she's more than intelligent enough to meet Ravenclaw's standards, people generally make the mistake of thinking her stupid and 'not smart enough' for Ravenclaw house. The truth? She's just incredibly lazy. She'll often skip class or choose a detention over homework. After all, she's more than smart enough to scrape a pass no matter what - why should she put in effort?

Trained from a young age in etiquette, Aline finds it very easy to adhere to these societal rules and to charm people. Does that mean she's polite? No. Again, politeness is too much effort, generally, and because of this she often comes across as blunt or judgmental.

Aline is a perfectionist, which is not great when mixed with her laziness. This perfectionism is smothered by her complete unwillingness to try, and manifests itself in her appearance, the only thing she puts any effort into. Clothes are her shit, and it shows: she's always decked out in the latest muggle fashion, with her makeup and hair impeccable. Her favourite pastime when she's at home is watching makeup tutorials and lookbooks on youtube. (And makeup hack videos, of course. Anything to make it take less effort.)

Oddly enough, Aline makes a very good friend in times of crisis, largely due to how chilled out she is. She doesn't give a damn about anything at all, really, and it takes a lot to ruffle her feathers. That said, she's not afraid to rip someone to shreds (verbally) for a close friend or a family member.






  • the only time in which it's evident she belongs in Ravenclaw is when others are attempting to figure out a problem and she tiredly throws in her opinion which happens to usually be the solution.
  • she hates the ravenclaw doorknocker
  • often she'll just swear at it until it lets her in
  • she's extremely allergic to sugar.


credit to kibeth