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Mrs Alice B. Kunze
Alice Kunze
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Born February 18, 1976
Blood Status Pure-Blood
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Height 5'6"
Magical Education Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry; Ravenclaw
Wand Holly, Unicorn Hair
Patronus Deutsch Kurzhaar
Boggart Quintaped
Animagus N/A

Kunze and Burke Families

Family Members


Alrick Kunze (Son)
Derek Kunze † (Husband)


Johnathon Burke † (Father)
Melody Burke (Mother)
Landon Burke (Distant Cousin)


Alice Kunze Kunze Estate
-"There is always tomorrow if today is to hard to bear""

Hello, I am Alice Kunze. You can visit me at my home, The Kunze Estate.


Alice Kunze was born February 18, 1986 in a big house on the outskirts of Edinburgh, Scotland. Her parents were Dark Wizards, both wanting to rid the world of Muggle-borns and help the Dark Lord in his plan to do it. Her parents, Johnathon and Melody were both great Wizards, and a bit of this greatness dwells within their daughter.

When Alice received her acceptance letter to Hogwarts, she was more than thrilled, she was ecstatic. She was a Hatstall, the choice was between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. After about 7 minutes of the Sorting Hat thinking, it chose Ravenclaw for Alice wit and cleverness. She loved this house, and enjoyed most of the many friends she made within Ravenclaw Tower.

Her Seventh year, after having many troubles with boys she began to date Robert Thompson. The young man who was truly honorable toward her, and respected her. They loved one another, and after Hogwarts they were married. Sadly, the marriage did not last long. The Second Wizarding War had taken place, and Robert was assigned by the Ministry to preform experimental breeding techniques on magical creatures.

He was to mate a Quintaped and a Grindylow, when the Quintaped reacted negatively it killed him. Robert died in the summer of 1996, Alice was horrified but managed to kill the Quintaped. When the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures arrived, a man named Derek Kunze helped her through her difficult ordeal. They met at least once every other day to speak of Robert's death, to keep Alice from repressing her feelings.

After a lengthy amount of counseling, they discovered they shared a mutual attraction and strong sense of love toward one another, and they were married one year later. The following year they had their son Alrick, Alice loves her son Alrick with all of her heart, and would do everything to protect him. Alice was employed as a Professor of History of Magic. She loved her work, and would have done nothing to change the life she had. That changed one day when her relationship with husband Derek went awry, unable to give the same amount of devotion she had to her teaching position Alice was quickly released from staff.

Alice Kunze wife to Derek Kunze, and mother to Alrick Kunze, died was murdered by one Shadow Berrin sometime during late 2017. She foolishly coerced a Ministry employee, Karith Black to accompany her in this confrontation. Alice had entered the premises determined to end Shadow's life. A feat even completely sober she would have had a difficult time accomplishing. Alice did put up a fight, for a moment may or may not of had a good chance of surviving. Shadow for a short time was overpowered until he delivered the death blow, an unforgivable curse to an over confident Alice, taking her life.


Alice was an only child all of her life, and if she had not been, she might not have been as social as she is today. Alice can practically get along with anyone as long as they treat her right. She loves life, telling jokes, and having a nice glass of wine every once and a while.

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