Alaina Rivers Auror Admission Test

1.Auror Subjects At Hogwarts= I studied all of the main courses(DADA,Potions,Charms,Transfiguration,Herbology, History of Magic,Astronomy) as well as Care of Magical Creatures,Magical Martial Arts,Basic Mind Magic,Profiling, Basic Spirit Magic,Basic Vocal Magic,Basic Wandless Magic,and World Studies in my third,fourth,and fifth years.  (It was all about school for me!)  In my sixth and seventh years,I took Cursebreaking,Advanced Mind Magic,Advanced Spirit Magic,and Advanced Wandless Magic.

2.Name and Age=Alaina Katherine Rivers,24.


1.Why I Wish To Be An Auror=I wish to be an Auror because I want to save the Wizarding and Muggle World from dark witches and wizards who want to kill innocent people!  Aurors help save other people and put their lives in danger to protect the witches and wizards.  I want to be an Auror because I want to protect and save people,even if it means I have to sacrifice myself.

2.Two Of My Gretest Relevant Magical Abilities=I have extendibly studied Cursebreaking and Wandless Magic and have gotten to be wonderful at them!  I have continued my studies and practice of magical skills outside of Hogwarts.

3.Characteristics That Make Me The Best Candidate=​ I am brave and outgoing.  I am always ready to go somewhere in an emergency(which is an important skill many Aurors don't think about).  I am compassionate and always think of others,not myself.  I am an intellectual and love to study as well as practice,but I also love to be in the field.

4.My NEWT Qualifications= Here are my grades for my NEWT.


Care of Magical Creatures=O



Defence Against The Dark Arts=O


History Of Magic=O

Magical Martial Arts=O

Mind Magic=O



Spirit Magic=E


Vocal Magic=O

World Studies=O


1.What I Would Do If I Saw Someone Under Suspicion Of Being A Dark Wizard= I would follow them.  I wouldn't confront them unless I saw that they were doing something showing that they were a dark wizard.  I would do this because I don't want to confront an innocent person but if they show proof(most times without even realizing it), it's time to confront them.

2.Would I Save Captive Wizards Or Myself= I would save the captive wizards.  It is important to be selfless and save the wizards from evil witches and/or wizards even if it means sacrificing yourself.

3.If I Am Dying In Battle,What I Would Ensure Before Death= I would make sure my family and friends were safe and going to be safe before I died.  I would also make sure that my position was taken over by a qualified person.


What Spells I Have Mastered From Your List= I have mastered all of them.

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