This user/character is inactive for the following reason: Some family members of her's were found in America, finally, and she moved over to America with them, now going to Ilvermorny
This user/character will return: Probably not until she graduates... Please excuse the inactivity.


Name: Aglaea Olympian

History: Zephrys Olympian and Harriet Foster, two seventh years at Hogwarts, and a couple, were just your ordiniary couple. Working through school and post-school stuff, they however came to the topic of engagement. Zephrys quickly proposed to Harriet after graduation and they married. However, during her first pregnancy, Harriet and Zephrys quickly encountered a problem that would eventually prevent Harriet from anymore natural births and the young couple turned to adoption to fulfill their growing needs for children.

On a warm summers night, an half-blood baby girl was born, many years after Zephrys and Harriet Olympian started a family, in New York. The child was soon named Aglaea because of her father knowing so much about Greek mythology and thought it would suit his beautiful baby girl, even though she had green hair, which her father didn't find weird because it was expected for him to have a Metamorphmagus child, like generations of his family before him. Soon after being named, Aglaea's mother died because of she was already in a bad condition and pure stress of childbirth ended her. Aglaea's father took her home, when he noticed that Aglaea's hair had grow and was brown in a matter of minutes, which conformed that Aglaea was a Metamorphmagus.

Before Aglaea was even a year old, her father was transferred to Europe, where he moved around all of Europe for his job, never giving Aglaea a lasting home. Aglaea didn't mind travelling Euope with her dad but when he died it would be the thing she missed most about him.

Aglaea's father knew how to drive a car so he tried to use it as a way to keep Aglaea connected to her mother's world and used cars to travel around Europe. When Aglaea and her father were driving from Rome to London when Aglaea had just turned 9, Aglaea's father was getting a little sleepy as he started to get closer to England, while Aglaea was basically bouncing off the car's walls in the back seat, when he starting going off the road from falling asleep and quickly turned back onto the road, flipping the car. The accident killed Aglaea's father but Aglaea survived because that was the first time she used magic, making a really weak Shield charm around herself, unintentionally, only becoming unconscious, breaking a few ribs, her right arm ,both legs and getting a major concession.

The car wreck was found by a wizard first, found Aglaea in the back seat, her feautres changing slowly, and her father dead in the front. So the wizard took Aglaea to St Mungo's to get checked up and healed. When Aglaea woke up in St Mungo's, her hair colour rapidly change out of fear of where she was and where her father could be. Aglaea didn't remember what happened so she was told that her father died in a car crash and that she somehow survived. After being discharge from St Mungo's, Aglaea was sent to Lil' Bundles as people went looking for any family members of hers, which happened to be none, so she stayed at Lil' Bundles for a while until Harriet and Zephrys Olympian came to Lil' Bundles. Aglaea wanting to get out of Lil' Bundles, made sure that none of her Metamorphmagus abilities showed to at least get adopted by them, not knowing that they would adopt her anyway. On the last visit before Harriet and Zephrys adopted Aglaea, Aglaea finally, but accidentally, showed her Metamorphmagus abilities, changing her height to match Zephrys' when she was extremely nervous about if they would adopt her. Even though Aglaea thought Zephrys and Harriet wouldn't adopt her because of what she can do but they still did.

Personality: Aglaea is a girl that can react to anything easily in the opposite way to what the original attentions were, thanks to her paranoia, overreaction and panic attacks. With minor OCD and ADHD, Aglaea can barely sit still and is nearly always changing her looks. Aglaea's paranoia makes it harder to trust people, always thinking that they are going leave her or do something bad to her normally making her go into a panic attack super easily. When it comes to little things that Aglaea doesn't like, she completely overreacts like it was a murder than just her disagreeing with someone.

Even though she overreacts to nearly everything, Aglaea laughs a lot and is always mucking around when she isn't having a panic attack. Aglaea is always thinking about possibilities and the future, spending long periods of time just day dreaming about the future and what it might bring.

Model: Dafne Keen

Abilities: Metamorphmagus abilities

Year/House/Age: 3rd/Hufflepuff/13

Family: Apollo Helios Olympian, Artemis Olympian and Hestia Olympian are her adoptive siblings