The Elixir of Life

The Elixir of Life, or Panacea, is a substance, derived from the Philosopher's Stone (see previous chapters). This substance is capable of healing all ailments and restoring youth, therefore, prolonging the arrival of Death. However, this Elixir comes with a price, it must be brewed in a different manner every month, being consumed daily for the final week of the month; which is not an easy task. The Elixir of Life, is the sole most famous potion in history. It owes it's glory to, Master Nicolas Flamel and his wife Madam Perenelle Flamel. The pair are the only known people to have consumed the potion, allowing them to reach the age of nearly six hundred sixty-six years of age. The pair only decided it was their time to pass on, when Albus Dumbledore requested that it'd be destroyed, for reasons unknown to the public.



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