Mumblemumps, is "an intense, and sometimes deadly, swelling of the facial and neck glands." Signs of this disease are as follows :

  • Inability to talk (the swelling will expand the vocal cords)
  • Red irritation of the infected areas
  • Unusual fatigue
  • Inability to breathe

When most wizards are infected by Mumblemumps, their first thought is to get some rest, as their parents may have prescribed when they were at a younger age; however, with the help of the St. Mungo's staff, we have created a lotion, of sorts, that lessens and negates the swelling caused by the disease. Mumblemumps Lozione:

  1. Fill your cauldron until it is half-full. Warm it at a medium low, until it begins to bubble.
  2. Combine an ounce of Ptolemy and two ounces of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Pour the mixture into your cauldron.
  3. Stir three times anti-clockwise.
  4. Boil Rose and Honey water in a separate cauldron, pour the two liquids into your caldron. Stir three times clockwise. It should have the consistency of skimmed milk.
  5. Allow mixture to cool and thicken. If the mixture isn't thickening, a pinch of ground Wartcap Powder should suffice.


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