Adria Pandora Rawkes


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Adria Rawkes

The Singing Seer

Ravenclaw Crest (Gif)
Vital Statistics
Born October 21
Age 35
Family Ophelia Rawkes née Green (Mother)

Travis Rawkes (Father)

Harry Rawkes (Son)

Percival Birch (Step-father)

Alivia Rawkes (Sister)

Astorie Rawkes (Sister)

Apollo Rawkes (Brother)

Gender Female
Species Human, witch, seer
Eye Color Color-Changing
Hair Color Black
Status Alive
Signature AdriaSignature
Magical Characteristics
Wand Silver lime wood and hippocampus scale
Wand Arm Right
Blood Purity Half-blood
Patronus Koala
Boggart Her family's death


The siblings history starts off with a mother giving birth— a wizarding mother. She has two other children, but her youngest she hates the most— the Squib. She— Ophelia, the Squib, the Youngest of the three, was disowned by her wizardmother, but Ophelia Green always knew she was supposed to be a wizard. Magic or not, she pursued her life, she found a husband, a lover, and a best friend... and a Wizard. The half-blood Travis Rawkes. Together, before Travis ever learned he married a Squib, made four beautiful children— Apollo Cyrus, Alivia Syble, Adria Pandora and Astorie Cleo.

Ophelia tried her best to keep her secret— trying to act surprised at all the oddities of the wizardry world, but she just couldn't. Travis started to question her, and one night, she just couldn't keep it in. She told him everything— from her mother disowning her, to meeting him. He left her crying, for two reasons; She lied, and secondly— she was a squib. He couldn't stay married to a Squib, so he left and filed a divorce afterwards. She tried continuing with her life, telling her children to forget him, to forget all the stories he told, and eventually, they did. Ophelia went on with her life, eventually marrying a Muggle man, Percival Birch; although not changing her last name. She let her children believe they were muggle-born, and not to this day has she told the truth again.

When all the four siblings got their letters to Hogwarts, they were all thrilled— the only downside being sent away from their Muggle Home. Their mother however, had the strangest reaction, shell-shocked almost, as if all that she had ran away from flooded back in again— But naturally the children ignored this.

Her Hogwarts life had been simply for the first four years, she hadn't gotten into any trouble, and only a few people had messed with her, she started taking Divination her third year, and spends the weekend— along with her siblings— at their muggle home in London. She took a huge liking to Charms, Divination, and Defense Against The Dark Arts. She finds herself arguing with her sisters a lot, telling them to stay out of her business and let her be who she wants to be, even if that means being shy at first. Recently weird things have been happening, and she started questioning her blood status and her mother. After she decided to try a truth serum on her mother, Adria discovered her father worked at the apothecary shop. Now, she's attempting to get used to the fact she's a half-blood.

She soon got over both facts by the end of her fifth year at Hogwarts. Since she had accepted the fact, she'd happy to know she's being less shy and more herself. So much herself, she's even got a boyfriend, Harlan Ellis, who came up to her.


Adria is a girl with a large personality. At first, she may seem quiet and shy, but you get to know her, she's weird, smart, witty, clever and sweet. She's the one most likely to get in trouble because somebody told her to— in other words, a huge pushover. If you know her well enough, you'd see her sweet, lovable, fun side, her weird humor, and the way she makes every day better for everyone. She wishes she could spend more time with her brother and sisters, but she can't, because they are all in different houses. She's recently been gaining a backbone, showing her true side more often now, and gaining more confidence.


Divination: She started taking this as an extra class last year. She likes being able to tell the future, even if she can't really tell it.

Charms: She finds it interesting, and it comes easy to her. She's content with it, and knows she's the best in Charms out of all of her siblings.

Defense Against The Dark Arts: She took a liking to this class, it's one of her favorite things to study, and she loves trying out competitive spells, though she thinks she'll probably never use it in the future.



  • When she first came into the wizarding world, she was so scared she wouldn't leave her siblings' sides.
  • She prefers two nicknames, Adie and Aria, but out of the two, she prefers Aria.
  • She was born October 21 two minutes after Alivia.
  • She is rather petite for her age, 5'2" and 115 lbs.
  • She recently discovered she has The Sight, as well as her sister Alivia. They found out soon after that their Seer abilities are only their most usable when they are together.
  • She loves singing, and usually sings muggle songs.


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