The Mysterious Werewolf is a book by Abel Antwine.

Released dates

It was released in all English speaking countries on July 31st, 2006. It became so famous it got translated into 30 languages, including French, Spanish and Italian. 


It was in the Wizarding Book of Fame List.


The Mysterious Werewolf by Abel Antwine is a spectacular book. Not only is it about werewolves, it is about an ordainry family who befriend a werewolf in a land called Azkabr, which is forbidden. Enjoy this thrilling story, and you will be pleased.

-Amelia Wrongjoy The Daily Prophet


It is rumoured that they are making a movie about it. In the Daily Prophet, Abel confirms this.


Abel has confirmed that he is penning a sequel, called, 'The Surprising Vampire'.

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