Abandoned House

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As you walk down through the Forbidden Forest, you see an old, abandoned house. The house looks very creepy. You question whether you should enter this spooky place. As you make your decision, you enter the old, rotting house.


Abandoned House/Archive 1


Valkyrie and Donnie

Valkyrie Grimm - fifth year gryffindor ❃ half veela & living dead researcher

-"She's like a breath of posion in my lungs, she gives me nothing but darkness but wants me to be her sun."
Message Me – 21:42, September 7, 2018 (UTC)

Valkyrie had sent off an owl with a small doodled map to show Donnie exactly where to find her and when to meet up. She moved through the forest with long brunette strands that swayed around her form and made her look more like an etheral creature than a fifth year with a knack for exploration. Val had spelled her large Gucci bag to float in the air behind her, as the contents were already a bit much for the lithe female to carry. Plus, magic existed to make her life easier. Upon stepping through the molding threshold of the abandoned house, Valkyrie could tell that no one had visited this place in months by the amount of dust that had accumulated everywhere. With a quiet bout of sneezes, Valkyrie almost looked like she was having a hissy fit rather than an allergy attack.